Dental education center

The dental education center EDUCEN is located in Matulji, near the city of Opatija, famous for health tourism. Because of their popularity and connection with Europe, Matulji and Opatija are suitable for congresses and educational courses. In addition, due to their beauty and gastronomic variety, they represent the perfect balance between business and pleasure.

The center is equipped with all the necessary resources for the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in dental medicine. Its three floors house high-tech lecture rooms, full of natural light due to their location, making for a very pleasant stay.

Lecture roomLaboratory
Educen Opatija Rijeka

Interactive lecture room

has all the necessary equipment for the theoretical part of the lectures. With its favorable lighting, excellent ventilation and glass walls, the lecture room offers great comfort during your stay.

Quadrature 47 m2

Ideal for the theoretical part of education

Capacity 30 seats

+ place for the lecturer

Projector and screen

WUXGA 1920x1200 / Full HD 1080p / 6.000 lumen

Lecturer’s microphone



The laboratory is specially equipped with all the essential equipment for a clear interaction between the lecturer and the class participants. The camera on the lecturer’s desk allows for the task to be shown via an LCD screen on the wall.

Quadrature 90 m2

Ideal for the practical part of education

Capacity 23 working seats

(16 with motor, aspiration & phantoms)
+ place for the lecturer with a phantom

3 x TV screen (55“)

WUXGA 1920x1200 / Full HD 1080p / 6.000 lumena

Speaker camera

1920x1080 Full HD / 50.000 luxa / LED reflektor 180x90

Lecturer’s microphone

Educen dentalne edukacije

Multifunctional space

The third floor of the educational center is designed as a multifunctional space for meetings and social hours.

The lounge and the atrium are two separate rooms that, if necessary, can be connected into a common space. Equipped with a fully functioning kitchen and toilet, the rooms give the learners comfortable lunch and coffee break spaces during their training. In addition to the interior social space, there is also an outdoor terrace.