dr. Andrej Kravanja

M.Sc. Oral Surgery/Implantology, dr. Andrej Kravanja, DDS, graduated in 2008 at the top of his graduationg class at the University of Medicine in Rijeka, Department of Dental Medicine. At the Danube University in Krems, Austria, he completed a three-year postgraduate program in English where he achieved his Master of Science in Oral Surgery / Implantology (M.Sc.).

He attends regularly all recognized educational programs as a participant or lecturer. One of the many programs he attended was the alumni membership with Dr. Hurzeler and Zuhr, Dr. Urban, as well as the completed Educational Master’s programs with Prof. Khuory, Dr. DeStavole and Dr. Gluckman.  From his beginnings until today, he performs procedures in the field of oral surgery and periodontology, showing a particular interest in dental implant prosthetics and soft and hard tissue regeneration in implant therapy. The doctor successfully performs many demanding cases of orofacial dental rehabilitation. In his practice, Dr. Andrej Kravanja always strives for the best, which is why he is constantly educating himself and coming across the most demanding cases of dental implantology. He is focused on research and on the integration of emerging technology providing that way the best possible service for all of his patients.

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